Hirzel Compost

Bulk Soil Amendments

Hirzel Compost

A composite of vegetable wastes, leaves, grass clippings, animal manures, sawdust and straw.

  • Total Nitrogen: 13%
  • Total Phosphorus: 11%
  • Total Potassium: 13%
  • Organic Matter: 27%
  • PH: 7.9
Recommended Usages: 
  • Nursery Plantings: Trees, Shrubs, Evergreens, Rose Bushes, etc.
    • 1 part Compost to 3 Parts soil
  • New Lawns: Mix 100 lbs. of Compost into 1-2 inches of every 100 sq. ft. of soil before seeding. After seed has been sown, keep well watered to stimulate growth.
  • Flower & Vegetable Gardens:
    • Work 100 lbs. of Compost into 100 sq. ft. of soil before planting
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